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The world is witnessing an unprecedented social-setup amid Covid19. This is leading to a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in our social & working dynamics. WFH – work from home’ initiatives were once frowned upon. Recently, the I.T professionals have been putting in additional working hours (exponentially); in order to allow VPN access to ‘White-collar Workforce’.

Ironically the current scenario is boiling down to ‘service automation’. If you are wondering, what ‘service automation is all about. Then take a moment to consider ‘Uber’ & ‘Netflix Business Model.

These giants have shown the world: what service automation is ought to achieve. Uber has streamlined a seamless business model. Whereby an end-user is hardly liaising with any intermediary (customer service operative). From booking a ride to paying for it. This is the best example of what ‘service automation’ is supposed to do.

On the other hand, Netflix has challenged the dynamics of Media Industry by offering competitive pricing models to its consumers. A seamless business operation – no bottlenecks. Really, that ‘Service automation’ is all about.

In the accounting & business world alike, RPA – robotic process automation is gaining popularity. Whether that be a paperless Balance-Sheet reconciliation System (Blackline), an e-Signing System (DocuSign) or an online ‘Chat-Bot’ deployed to enhance the end-user experience, when it comes to Service automation.

Indeed, for companies aiming to ‘differentiate’ from their competitors in terms of CRM & Service Automation; the role of automation is inevitable. As per Statista (Online Statistics Portal) the Global Market Share for ‘Service automation’ industry will be worth over U$ 200-Billions by 2021.

Arguably, given the current global atmosphere, we are more inclined to consider driver-less-cars (Tesla) & delivery drones.

Virtual learning is on rise & becoming a norm (Udemy, Future-Learn, Coursera).

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that we have altered & overshadowed our own perception bias; when it comes to being receptive to digital transformation & automation that is yet to materialise in its full-flow (blockchain).

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